Byton has revealed a futuristic car at the CES tech conference in Las Vegas today.

The incredible vehicle ha a range of futuristic features, including a 48-inch digital dashboard, as well as 5G support and Amazon Alexa.

Byton reveals futuristic car

The car is fitted with a 48-inch digital dashboard

At the event, Byton revealed the interior of the car, dubbed the M-Byte, which debuted at the same conference last year.

The huge dashboard can be controlled by the driver in a range of ways, including using a tablet on the steering wheel or hand gestures.

Amazingly, Byton believes the car could start production by the end of 2019.

Tesla competitor

The Tesla competitor provided an update on its plans at CES 2019

“The Byton M-Byte could become the most important device in your digital life and we are very much convinced that it will do so,” said co-founder Carsten Breitfeld.

“The Byton M-Byte reinvents and transforms your journey through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.”

“We are on track to start production by the end of this year,” co-founder Daniel Kirchert added. “The fully operational capacity will be 300,000 cars a year.”

 48-inch dashboard display can be controlled

Its 48-inch dashboard display can be controlled using the tablet on the steering wheel


Byton M-Byte

Byton M-Byte


Two models of the M-Byte will be available, starting at 45,000 dollars – around £35,300 – with a range of 249 miles on a single charge, while the bigger battery option offers up to 320 miles. There will also be an option to add some autonomous features.

Byton also showed off its K-Byte concept sedan at CES, featuring a digital grille, which it plans to release sometime in 2021.

A third model is expected in 2023, the company said.


Source: Byton reveals futuristic car with 48-INCH digital dashboard and AI at CES 2019

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