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I don’t know what world those sleepwalkers opposite are living in, Mr Speaker. I don’t know what world they’re living in.

But I know every Australian is very happy to be living in Australia during the course of this pandemic, Mr Speaker.

I don’t know Australians who want to go and take up residence and live in the Covid environment, whether it be in Europe, the United States, UK or anywhere else, Mr Speaker. I know that Australians – because they approach me every time when I go out into regional Australia or the suburbs and cities of this country, Mr Speaker – they know here, in this country, they’re living a life in this country during Covid like few are anywhere else in the world, Mr Speaker.

They know the reality – that the government of this country has worked together with other governments at a state and territory level, Mr Speaker, to ensure that this country has enjoyed a safety from this pandemic and an economic recovery like few, if any, other countries in the world.

Those opposite, Mr Speaker, may want to retreat into whingeing and complaining and undermining the government, as we fight the virus and they focus on the politics, but I think Australians will form the same view that the member for Paterson has.

That Labor sound like a whingeing people that people don’t like.

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