Dandruff Shampoos

While there’s no current “cure” for dandruff, many find a clarifying treatment key for managing and easing the symptoms (itching, scaling, and the like). You can of course opt for an OTC medicated shampoo (which tends to have lab-derived ingredients), but there are some pretty potent natural-leaning numbers that also do the trick.

Better yet, the latter treatments are modern, sophisticated, and easy on the eye. If you’ve ever scoured drugstore aisles for a dandruff shampoos, you likely know that most medicated options can look cold, clinical, and, well, medical. They work just fine (great, even!) but why should you sacrifice a fun shower experience for a few flakes?

Allow us to introduce you to the treasure trove of natural dandruff shampoos: These incorporate plant-based actives known for fighting off flakes, and they sure do put in the work.

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