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We speak with organisational expert, Chelsea Smith from The Organising Platform about this new trend.

It’s safe to say that the cleaning trend has shot through the roof on social media as of late.

Is there really anything more satisfying than watching someone turn a crusty oven into a sparking beauty once more? We think not.

Whether you’re just obsessed with the videos or actually looking to get a little more *hygiene* in your life, we were really interested to hear about the new ways Aussies are tackling their home cleaning chores.

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According to new research in Samsung’s Australians@Home report, 64% of Aussies are undertaking smaller daily tasks rather than a whole home overhaul. This trend is being coined ‘chore snacking’.

We’re swapping the mammoth weekly clean for more bite-sized snippets here and there in order to avoid the ‘I haven’t cleaned guilt’, says organisational expert Chelsea Smith from The Organising Platform.

“The main reasons people are doing chores during the week are that it stops chores building up, keeps the home clean more often, it allows people to clean when it suits and to feel more in control of life,” she tells Body+Soul.

“Through work from home arrangements and lockdowns, we have more time at home and as a result more than half of us reportedly feel more on top of the chores resulting in less stress. 75% of surveyed Australians admit that a clean home makes them feel less stressed, and 70% state it even makes them feel safer,” she adds, referencing the new stats from the report.

In a nutshell, working from home has been a major catalyst for chore-snacking.

Just like the institution of the lunchtime shower, we’re now able to fit little cleaning tasks in between meetings and deadlines.

Have to watch a long presentation? That calls for a mute, no camera mopping session. Waiting for a colleague to approve something? That sounds like a fresh load of laundry!

“Our daily routines have changed over the last twelve months and our homes will be never be the same,” explains Jeremy Senior, Vice President of Consumer Electronics, Samsung Australia.

“For most, home is a safe haven. It’s where we stay connected, a place to learn, teach, work, relax and entertain. Our latest research reveals Australians have become more obsessed than ever with cleaning and decluttering.”

How can we still make our home feel ‘clean’ even though we’re not doing it all at once?

When chore snacking, try to think of a rota of tasks to make sure nothing gets left out. For example don’t be hot on the heels of all the washing but forget the dishes.

“It’s important to ensure your chore snacking extends across the home from vacuuming the lounge room to doing washing, to ensure the entire house gets some attention,” says Smith.

“Australians need to ensure they’re acknowledging their new habits and continuous cleaning efforts. So, while they may not be getting the satisfaction of a full day of cleaning, they’re enjoying a consistently clean home and are able to spend more time doing the things they love with their friends and family.”

The Organising Platform’s top tips for chore-snacking

1. Make sure chore-snacking works for your schedule

Doing a load of washing before you start your workday and hanging it out during your lunch break will help you be productive both professionally and personally.

2. Use appliances that make chore-snacking easier

38% of surveyed Australians have purchased a new appliance in the last year to make cleaning their home easier. Products such as the Samsung Jet Stick vacuum and Clean Station are designed with hygiene in mind. The Clean Station allows you to get rid of the dust in your vacuum without getting your hands dirty or encountering dust and allergens.

3. Ensure you’re cleaning as you go

This way small and quick tasks don’t snowball into huge efforts. Chore-snacking is about completing chores consistently, so you don’t have to spend your entire weekend cleaning your house.

4. It is important to work smarter, not harder

Set a schedule of key tasks that must be completed throughout the week to ensure all your chores are being completed and nothing is overlooked so you can enjoy your free time without worry. In the meantime, you can also invest in products, such as the Samsung Air Purifier, that will help keep the air inside your house clean.

5. Enjoy your freedom

Now that the house is clean, it’s time to make the most of your newfound spare time! Whether you gather the family around the TV for a movie night or spend some time in the kitchen reconnecting and cooking a family recipe, enjoy the benefits of your chore-snacking.

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