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A team of doctors and local administration who were on a drive in Malkhedi village of Ujjain district to urge people to take the Covid-19 vaccine were attacked by local residents on Monday morning, officials said.

A worker from the administration team, identified as Shakeel Qureshi, sustained injuries on the head. Two people were arrested, police said.

Qureshi, who was undergoing treatment at the Ujjain District Hospital, said, “The tehsildar was trying to convince the villagers to come and get vaccinated when a few women began abusing her. I went ahead to talk to them when suddenly, a group of around 25 men came and one of them hit me with a lathi on my head and ran away.”

Naib tehsildar, Anu Jain, who was leading the team of 10 people, said, “The idea was to go among people and try to make them aware. But as I was talking to women, they started saying ‘Tu kuch bhi karle hum nahi lagwaenge‘ and began getting aggressive. I was advised by my team to sit in the vehicle and Shakeel, who knew the villagers began reasoning with them when suddenly a group… came with lathis and one of them attacked Shakeel on his head”

Jain said she called the control room. The police reached the spot and arrested Chandu Lal and Maxi Mareth while one other suspect was absconding.

According to Nagda sub-divisional magistrate Ashutosh Goswami, no vaccination has been carried out in the village despite teams visiting them on at least five different occasions over the past fortnight. Since there was no response, Jain was then sent to the village with her team, said Goswami.

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