AAP Punjab president and Sangrur MP Bhagwant Mann on Thursday attacked Punjab CM for protecting the Badals in the post-sacrilege firing case under what he termed as the ‘Dubai agreement’.

In a statement, Mann said that as per the ‘Dubai accord’, the allegations levelled on the Badals of desecration and killing were being washed away.

“The truth is that Captain, following the ‘Dubai Agreement’ with the Badals, has closed the files of Bargari and Behbal Kalan-Kotkapura firing cases,” alleged Mann.

Mann alleged that Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has stood with the criminals instead of standing with the Guru and the Guru’s Sangat.

He said that the people of Punjab had given a golden opportunity to Captain Amarinder Singh by making him the Chief Minister with high hopes and confidence, but he could not meet the test of not only the people but also the Guru.

“As a result, instead of taking concrete action against the culprits of the Bargari and Behbal Kalan-Kotkapura firing cases, the emphasis was on hanging the case and saving the culprits,” added Mann.

The AAP leader said that all the Congressmen would have to pay a heavy price for the mistake of misleading the people and saving the Guru’s culprits after swearing on Gutka Sahib.

He said that the people of Punjab will never forgive this “heinous crime” of Captain and the Congress and therefore, in the forthcoming assembly elections, the people of Punjab will teach the entire Congress, including Captain Amarinder, the same lesson as they taught the Badals in 2017.

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