Yoga Pose

This is a great yoga poses for toning both the arms and the legs, when you do it properly. And not only that, but as a backbend, it opens up your chest, as well as your shoulders and upper back. For that reason, this is a fantastic yoga poses for working with your heart chakra.

If you want to try a quick and easy flow that’s sure to get your muscles working, try performing chaturanga from your high plank, inhaling to upward-facing dog, and exhaling to downward-facing dog. From there, you can flow forward back to a high plank and repeat that sequence a few times. In just those three moves, you’ve got a full-body workout.

You’re bound to do upward-facing dog plenty of times throughout your standard vinyasa yoga class, so learning how to do it right is important. And when you do, you’ll undoubtedly see those benefits start to appear.

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