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The government has given sanction to implement the rejuvenation of Vellayani lake in three phases. Phase I includes works between ‘kayaI’ mouth to Kakkamoola bridge, phase II will cover works between Kakkamoola bridge to Vavvamoola bridge and Phase III will cover works between Vavvamoola bridge to end.

A rapid environmental impact assessment study will be conducted prior to removal of earth as part of the rejuvenation of the lake. The work is being done in three phases for the smooth implementation. Steps related to technical sanction and tender processes will be done after the environment impact assessment study.

The state government had given administrative sanction of INR 96.5 crore for the rejuvenation of Vellayani backwaters.

Introducing new destinations, raising the state’s profile with an emphasis on experiential tourism, conceptualising innovative tourism circuits, investing in infrastructure development, broadening the Responsible Tourism initiative and better connectivity are the new focus areas of the state’s rejigged tourism initiatives. A special focus would also be given to dedicated campaigns on caravan and wedding tourism.

The project aims at deepening the backwaters and to rejuvenate the canals leading to the backwater.s Vellayani lake will be desilted and depth will be increased. Steps will be taken to construct a protection wall on either side of the canal. The lake will be connected at Kakkamoola and Vavvamoola.

About 64 canals which are the sources of the lake will be rejuvenated as part of the scheme. The project has also set aside funds to clean the canal. Lock cum shutter will be installed at the origin of Kannukalichal-Pallichal canal. The revenue department will intervene to prevent encroachments and boundaries will be earmarked.

Many schemes are being planned for tourism development in connection with Vellayani lake rejuvenation. Walkway and cycle track will be constructed on either side of the canal after beautification. Arrangements shall be done to accommodate 25,000 tourists daily. Parking facility will be arranged at the plot under Vellayani College of Agriculture Sciences.

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